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        Company Information

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        Corporate Honors

        The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has been rated as Hebei High-tech Enterprise, High-tech Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, Hebei Specialized and Special New Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, "Tax Integrity Enterprise", "Green Plant", etc. Since 2012, the Company has applied for and been granted 25 utility model patents (13 of which are currently valid), 14 software copyrights, 8 technical review certificates issued by China Academy of Railway Sciences, and many provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements. Among them, the GCT-8C/11 rail ultrasonic flaw detector has won the first prize of Xingtai Science and Technology Progress Award, and has been selected by China Academy of Railway Sciences as the teaching material and instrument for quality training class of rail flaw detection; The "Remote Monitoring System for Online Rail Inspection" participated in 2013 and the "Auxiliary Analysis System for Rail Inspection" participated in 2020 won the Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Beijing Railway Administration; The "Auxiliary Analysis System for Rail Flaw Detection" won the Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of China Railway Nanning Bureau Group Corporation in 2020; In 2022, the integrated rail weld flaw detector won the third prize of Hebei High-tech Enterprise Science and Technology Award.